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Reviews & Testimonials

It has been such a privilege to work with so many loving and amazing individuals, families, and little ones! I am truly blessed and grateful to hear back about my services! 

"This little munchkin had his last lactation visit today with Cradle Me Lactation! Nancy was absolutely amazing and we are so happy we found her. Not only did she help with feeding and latching, she pointed out his torticollis which led us to chiropractic care and physical therapy!

We are so grateful for her and happy to be doing so much better! "

- J. D. (June 2022)

"Nancy is an angel that walks the earth. She is extremely knowledgeable and cares tremendously for all her patients and goes above and beyond to help everyone with their individualized needs. I was ready to give up nursing with my first after a week and thanks to Nancy I made it past 1 year. There are not enough kind words I have for this wonderful woman. I recommend her to everyone who becomes a new mom because we all could use her love in our early days." 

- C. M. (February 2022)

"Where do I even start with amazing Nancy. My experience at the birthing hopital with a lactation nurse, was one that sent me home crying because i felt defeated. Having mixed feelings about LN's and being in such a vulnerable place, I was hesitant to request a LC but knew i needed one. Nancy was put in my life for a reason. The moment she arrived at my home, i felt this dark cloud disapear. Her aura and professionalism was one that immediately had me feeling, hey, I can do this. She is patient with you, kind with you, understands what mommas go through when it comes to breast feeding, explains everything, and never makes you feel like you cant do this. In fact, she is your biggest cheerleader. She was there for me when i felt alone in this journey, and for that I am forever thankful. Fast foward, my daughter is now 3 years old and we still keep in touch. Nancy, you are simply AMAZING! Thank you for all you do! <3" 

- T. S. (January 2022)

"As a new breastfeeding mom, I quickly found out that I would need additional support as I learned this challenging process. Nancy was referred to us by another professional and we reached out to her since she was both in-network with our insurance and offered at-home appointment. Both are very hard to find but quite convenient! Before our first appointment, Nancy was very proactive in communicating her health and safety protocol (top notch) and with an estimate of payment after insurance. At our first visit, she was very accommodating and supportive with our early feeding struggles, offering some pointers and tips as well as a reminder to give myself some grace as a new mom. Over the next few weeks, we continued to meet with Nancy regularly and she was always punctual, polite and present to our needs. She has continued to be very responsive and helpful with our follow-up questions via email, offering a multitude of strategies to help with our challenges and other resources and professionals. She had an extensive referral list since it takes a village! Nancy walked into our lives at the perfect time and has been the perfect support person for our young family. We have been blessed by Nancy’s service and would recommend her to anyone in need of lactation support!" 

- M. R. (January 2022)

"I am so happy and thankful that our pediatrician recommended Nancy! She continues to be an invaluable asset in my breastfeeding journey. I was a little nervous to meet with a lactation consultant, but she made me feel at ease and very comfortable at each of our in person visits. She is very caring and so incredibly knowledgeable. I am so grateful for all that she has done and continues to do to help my daughter and I in our breastfeeding journey. Not only is she an exceptional lactation consultant, but she is an exceptional person! Thank you so much Nancy!" 

- S. S. (January 2022)

"Nancy is amazing! After only our first meet I feel confident to ensure my baby is feeding whichever way is best for us. She provided me with a plethora of resources and helped me to understand the reason/need for her recommendations. Would definitely recommend. Soo happy to have found her services." 

- A. R. (December 2021)

"I can not thank Nancy enough for helping me find successful solutions to continue my breastfeeding journey. Just when I was feeling overwhelmed and just about to give up, your advice, time, and encouragement really helped to give me the confidence I needed to fix the issuesI was having. I am beyond grateful for your knowledge and continued support with helping me find success in my breastfeeding journey. I can now say that I enjoy breastfeeding my baby girl. I no longer cringe and worry about my breastfeeding experience. I am just amazed with what a positive difference you helped me make on my breastfeeding journey! Thank you!"

- C. M. (November 2021)

"Nancy has been a crucial force in my successful breastfeeding journey and I simply cannot recommend her enough. Not only is Nancy extremely knowledgeable but perhaps even more importantly, she genuinely loves and cares about her clients. Nancy has always given me outstanding advice from breastfeeding techniques to helping me navigate post partum with a newborn/toddler. She is the ultimate professional, a truly wonderful person and I am genuinely lucky to know her."

- M. B. (October 2021)

"I am so thankful for the education and encouragement that you provided me! I am still breastfeeding & formula feeding & pumping and W. just turned 4 months!! I NEVER would have thought that would be possible. I never even made it 4 weeks with my first 2 children. I still don't have a huge supply - but I get 2-3oz pumped a day (only managing to pump or manually express 2-3 times a day) plus she goes on the breast a few times a day. It has created such a special bond and means the world to me. I am able to give her comfort when she needs it & I love when she "chooses" to nurse even when a bottle was offered. Thanks again!"

- T. T. (May 2020)

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us! We are so grateful for you!"

- B. D. (March 2020)

"Nancy was amazing! I felt comfortable during the in-home consultation and felt confident in breastfeeding after she left. Would definitely recommend to any mom for breastfeeding success!! Thank you so much"

- T. S. (August 2019)

"Nancy is like a little angel sent to help new mama's like myself! Through Nancy's visit I was able to become informed about my little one's tongue tie and why he was having trouble feeding and what I could do to help him. From late night texts to emails with video and website links to help me understand how to care for my munchkin, Nancy has made such tremendous difference in helping me feel comfortable caring for a newborn! I highly recommend having her come visit you, she will put your mind at ease and give you the kind words you need to take a breath and enjoy this moment!"

- S. D. (April 2019)

"Nancy was a huge help! There was a huge improvement with my newborn's match with just one visit. I feel no pain or discomfort now with breastfeeding my son after the techniques she showed me. I highly recommend her!"

- A. A. (February 2019)

"Nancy is amazing!! Patient, knowledgeable, and completely judgement free. She definitely puts your nervous mom vibes at ease. Within 2 visits from her my little premie is already latching and showing improvement! We love Nancy and her personal touch!"

- R. B. (February 2019)

"Nancy is wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. She helped me be able to exclusively breast feed my second baby and was very understanding. I highly recommend her!"

- E. H. (December 2018)

"I was hesistant to go to a lactation consultant because I was embarrassed I couldn't do something so natural. Nancy eased my worries from the first time we talked, and still continues to provide me support long after our last meeting. She made me feel comfortable, but most importantly like an amazing and strong mom. I actually looked forward to our meetings and miss her now! I highly recommend her to any new mom struggling or any old mom just wanting new tips and support."

- M. C. (September 2018)

"Nancy is amazing! I highly recommend her to any mother with breastfeeding struggles. She is so knowledgeable, calming, and patient with mom and baby's best interests at heart. She is very supportive and answers any and all questions quickly. Nancy has given me peace of mind and confidence to know that I can work through the issues and successfully breastfeed."

- A. B. (July 2018)

"I have 3 kids. You would think I'm a pro right? NOPE. My milk production during my 3rd child was way off due to work schedule and Nancy helped e get back on track, coached me to be on top of my schedule so that I can produce more milk! She taught me that I can produce milk again even if its almost gone! I was able to add 2 more months of breast feeding! Very helpful and the support over the phone. Always willing to answer my silly "milk" question even if I'm getting frustrated! Definitely someone I would recommend!"

- S. J. (March 2018)

"Nancy is fantastic! At our home visit, she was professional, yet warm, supportive and made us feel completely comfortable. She provided valuable tips, but reassured us (myself, husband and baby) that we are doing great so far! Nancy has eased some anxiety in the breastfeeding process, by allowing me to maintain contact with her beyond the initial consultation and stating that this will be an ongoing relationship. Highly recommend!"

- C. C. (March 2018)

"Nancy is the best! As a new mother she helped me so much! I was having a difficult time adjusting to new motherhood and with my little one having a difficult time latching. Nancy helped me every step of the way. She is calming and reassuring and guided me through this exciting and, at times, challenging moment of my life. I highly recommend her!"

- T. S. (March 2018)

"Nancy has been nothing short of a blessing to me and my family. My wife was having a difficult time getting the baby to latch properly once her milk came in. With just one visit she was able to nurse the baby with little to no problem which was a huge stress relief on my wife. When she had another issue with nursing Nancy was able to come by pin point the problem and help them once again in the same visit. I highly recommend her as a lactation consultant!"

- M. M. (February 2018)

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