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parent-only consultations


Certain lactation circumstances may not include both the lactating parent and the baby. The Parent-Only Consultation focuses on addressing concerns specific to the lactating parent and does not involve a feeding assessment. These may include:

  • exclusively pumping

  • pump flange sizing

  • return to work

  • anatomical concerns

  • weaning

I would be more than happy to be your professional support and lactation cheerleader by working together with you and providing care that is individualized to you and your family. The INITIAL CONSULTATION focuses on any concerns that are present in your lactation journey. We will review medical information, assess and examine you, and work on a plan of care together to attain your goals. FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATIONS are available for established clients, if needed.

Some key points...

  • 1 hour INITIAL consultation

  • 1/2 hour FOLLOW-UP consultation(s)

  • assessment of lactating parent

  • plan of care

  • recommendations/referrals

  • ongoing support (client portal)

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