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preparing for your visit

I want you and your baby to be comfortable. That may mean just rolled out of bed and in your pajamas. Please do not feel that you need to clean or tidy up the house either! I am here to help you and your family feed in your natural environment. Being a parent myself, I understand the chaos that comes with this major life change!

  • Please access the client portal to complete the electronic intake and sign all necessary documents at least 24 hours before our scheduled visit. This allows me to best prepare and maximize our in-person time. Not doing so may mean we need to cancel and reschedule our appointment.

  • Prenatal Consultations: I will bring handouts and teaching tools. 

  • Postpartum Consultations: I would prefer to observe you feeding in the usual nursing spot. Please have any pillows or equipment that you normally use nearby.

  • Have your feeding/pumping log/baby stats log/questions & concerns to review together, if available. 

  • We may need to assess and use your breast pump. Please have that available with a clean kit.




  • Postpartum Consultations: Please refrain from removing milk and/or feeding baby for at least 1 hour before our appointment time to plan for this be done at our visit.

  • Baby-involved Consultations: I will need a small table or flat surface where I can place my scale. Please have a lightweight baby blanket to place on the scale.

  • Please have any pets contained in a separate room for the duration of our consult. Pet behaviors can be unpredictable with strangers, especially when being close to their family.

  • If payment is expected, it is due at the end of our visit. See INSURANCE for lactation coverage information. 

breastfeeding a toddler
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